Welcome to Kayla's Website

We are so glad you dropped by to visit our site. Please have a look around to learn a little more about Kayla, what she was like, what she was involved in and what her passions were. We think that you will be able to see why we are, in turn, so passionate about carrying on what she started.

Kayla was a talented, beautiful and caring young lady who was just 3 weeks from her high school graduation when, riding in a car driven by her good friend, was killed in a tragic car accidentHer spirit still lives on in everyone who knew her and those who simply knew of her. Her mottos were to "live to make a difference" and "be yourself and do it on purpose" (Dolly Parton). She certainly was her own unique person and she would be surprised, and we suppose a little proud, to know just how much of difference she made in her short life.

This site is dedicated to her memory and to how her spirit lives on in touching the lives of others.

There is a special page reserved for those of you who knew her to add your memories about her. If you knew her we hope you can share your special memories with the rest of us who also knew her. Since she was here far too short of a time any memories you may have of her are treasures for us which we will  always hold close to our hearts.