This page is about the character Kayla demonstrated throughout her short life.

When first faced with some sort of adversity Kayla would react as anyone else her age would likely react. Shortly thereafter though, she would find some inner strength, some maturity that seemed to come from someplace else. She would often just "go for a run" and come back at peace with the issue she was facing at the time. At other times she would just head for her room, crank up her music and go to work on whatever it was she was dealing with. She would emerge at peace with it and would have a plan of action to move forward on. She showed amazing resiliency when faced with a challenge and equally amazing maturity when faced with some kind of injustice.

n1076370096_30032996_8172.jpgIn her own words she wrote this about her issues with driving and receiving 2 tickets after having been involved with a couple of minor accidents. This was on one of her college application essays which asked her to describe difficult struggles she had encountered: "... After that I was constantly afraid of anotheSlide109.JPGr accident, so abandoning my pride, I stopped driving for several weeks. I just didn't want to make anymore mistakes... Soon I forced myself to start driving again, knowing it was the only way to overcome my fear. No sooner had I started driving again, when I unluckily received a notice in the mail requiring a "re-examination" of 100_0703.jpgmy driving abilities. I felt so defeated, and wanted to just give up, but knowing I couldn't, I decided to prove that I had the skills to drive. I studied the test relentlessly, and when I passed it with no errors, I felt that I had conquered first formidable obstacle in my life. I learned that no situation is too difficult to handle and that hard work really does pay off."


She was also constantly full of surprises. While she never lacked for anything in her life she was more than willing to work hard at something to make it her own. She worked so hard at busing tables and cleaning up after people at her job (and everything that that entails) that her mother and I would go to just watch her in amazement at Panera Bread. She would do her job as though she had been working in similar jobs all of her life, yet it was her first real job. She showed such character with her work ethic and what she was willing to do without complaint that she made us both so very proud of her. It made the people at Panera Bread proud of her too. So much so that they put a plaque up in her honor right where she used to fill all of the condiments for the patrons.

You never knew how she would react to a given situation but she always portrayed wisdom that was well beyond her years. She had an innate sense about people and what made them tick. She could understand interpersonal relationships and issues better than anyone I have ever known. I used to find myself listening to her and finding out just how much she had to offer me, in my old age, about how to handle situations with friends, family or co-workers. Indeed she would have become a wonderful mother and counselor someday if only...