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"Little Wonders" Student Staff

Picture36.jpg Couer d'Alene Idaho - Summer 2005








Kayla lived to help others and make a difference in her community. Even at a very young age (first grade) I remember her learning some sign language so she could help and communicate with a couple of the hearing impaired kids in her class. One afternoon we visited her classroom and as we were talking to the teacher I looked over and saw little 6 year old Kayla signing to one of the boys and putting her arm around him as she "read" him a picture book. You could see her genuine caring nature shining through even back then.

Later in life she walked with her faith in every aspect of her life and it drove her involvement in community works and missions trips.

  •  She was involved with Rocky Mountain High School’s Key Club, a community service group, for three years and became the president in 2006. Picture70.jpg
  • She also was involved in RMHS's "LinkCrew" helping to acclimate incoming sophomores with their new surroundings.
  • She organized Walk the Rockies in 2005 a benefit walk for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the Children's Clinic that year.
  •  She volunteered at the Thanksgiving Turkey Run, Walk for Diabetes, homeless shelters, Books for Humanity, and the ARO Dance for the mentally handicapped.
  • She also enjoyed helping special needs students in Rocky’s Integrated P.E. class and had planned to attend CSU to become a family counselor. 
  • In 2004, she traveled to Tecate, Mexico to build houses in an underprivileged community.
  • In 2005, she taught Vacation Bible School for a church in Idaho.Slide24.JPG
  • At her church, she was loved by the “Little Wonders” she cared for during Sunday services over the last six years. Every summer she also taught Vacation Bible School. Picture20.jpg






This card was found in Kayla's bible and it conveys both her faith and her hopes for the future.


  Kaylas Bible Card.jpg