010_7.JPGKayla loved music in all forms. She filled our home with life and music anytime she was there. Whether it was her car radio, her iPod or her stereo, her clarinet, her piano, or her beautiful voice, her life was constantly filled with music.  007_4.JPG





She participated in many of her school's music groups and simply loved being involved with anything musical.

Her 9th grade musical:

Kaylas Musical 12-11-03 004.jpgKaylas Musical 12-11-03 002 4.jpg

Her high school spirit band:


Marching band...100_0498.JPG





Honor Choir:       Slide43.JPG

 Concert Band:


A Christmas time fundraiser s758040053_531461_1612.jpg

A choir retreat Singers Retreat - 9-06.jpg

Or a high school musicals758040053_531458_730.jpg

Piano playing with some friends...DSC01337.JPG





 Or a Rascal Flatts concert (July of '06)... DSC02350.JPG






Her life was simply full of fun and music.