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Below are links to newspaper articles written about Kayla, the accident and the events that followed. We hope this helps you understand a little of the impact that her death had on the community and how the community rallied behind us in the months that followed.

Saturday morning after the accident: image0-4.jpg

Sunday morning after the candlelight vigil: image0-19.jpg & image0-6.jpg

Tuesday morning: image0-8.jpg & image0-2.jpg 


Friday morning following her service: image0-16.jpg & image0-9.jpg

From her high school newspaper: image0.jpg & image0-1.jpg & image.jpg & image0-10.jpg

Following graduation two weeks later: image0-5.jpg, image0-7.jpg

Tree dedication ceremony that fall: image0-14.jpgimage0-18.jpg

Top 10 stories of 2007:image0-17.jpg

Walk-a-thon in April the following year: image0-12.jpg,  image0-15.jpg