While Kayla seemed to always be in her comfortable jeans, sweatshirts and flip-flops, her sweats, or her pajamas, there was a very different side to Kayla. That side was her sense of genuine feminity, style and grace. She had a natural ability to put together clothing, makeup and hair styles that would make a statement about who she was, a very unique and classy young woman. It was her self confidence that rounded out the ensemble though.

She was never timid about her fashion sense and was often quite daring in her approach to it. She would even change her hair color just to explore a different side of herself. I remember her remarking following one such color change, when she went from a blonde to a brunette that she just wanted to see if people would think she was smarter as a brunette. (She was a straight "A" student so I had some trouble with the premise.) Later that week she came home from school and proudly confirmed to us that indeed, her teachers and her friends all were treating her as more mature and smarter. That's just the way she was though. She just  loved changing things up and trying new things, partly to see what kind of a reaction she could evoke and partly because she just needed a change, often just for the fun of it.

Three nights before the accident, she came home from her hairdresser with many fine, multicolored streaks in her hair. She said to me with such delight in her voice that she "now had every color" her hairdresser had to offer. Somehow she pulled it off and she looked absolutely beautiful no matter what she did to herself.

 Kayla Modeling Feb 05.JPGSlide29.JPG





100_0505.JPGShe had a real gift with applying just the right kind of makeup, a technique she perfected on herself and learned on her own. This skill was so well known that her older sister and her friends would gather at our house bJanelles Homecoming 007.jpgefore a high school dance so that they could each receive a makeover from Kayla. What unfolded at these events was that she had a real knack for understanding her "clients" and finding just the right shades to use, in just the right amount to bring out their natural beauty. There were a lot of very happy young ladies leaving our house those evenings.


We all miss you honey.